What is Whisky Notes?

A place for whisky enthusiasts to learn and know more about the spirit they’re drinking, and the industry that makes it.

Initially, our goal was to provide a source of facts and tips about whisky to experts and novices enthusiasts alike. The idea was that you could visit the site (or check the mobile app) for short “notes” on a regular basis. We did that, but Whisky Notes has expanded to become so much more now.

We post notes a few times per week, and people with the mobile app receive a notification at 4 pm on a day the note get’s published. That little ding around that time keeps the whisky education going, and hopefully encourages them to think about what whisky they might like to try that evening.

The notes also expanded to include quotes, recipes and a few tasting notes.


Growing the community

With the notes covered, we saw another gap. While there are plenty of websites and apps that provide descriptions and databases of whisky from all over the world, there seem to be few that actively support local communities. We want to fix that, so we added two new features, starting in Cape Town, South Africa, but with the intention of expanding globally.


Whisky Events

We added an events calendar to provide locals with a list of both public and private events. Large annual whisky festivals, regular bar tastings, and private, intimate groups. We wanted them all. This feature is still in its infancy, with us only having tested it out in Cape Town. We’re happy with the results, and with the ability for users to purchase and submit their events, we believe this will grow into an international event hub.


Whisky Bar Guide

Where do you find good Whisky? Most bars only have the basics. This curated list of bars aims to inform visitors (local and foreign) where the best places are to drink whisky and maybe even send them on their own hunts to compare. Again, first tested in Cape Town, we believe this is an invaluable addition. Whisky-focused venues will be soon able to submit their bars to the list, along with their own tasting events if they like.


The app

Available on iOS and Android, the app serves up our primary feature, the notes, along with the events and whisky bar guide. The app will soon provide location-based events and bars, so users will only be shown those relevant to their location. Imagine arriving in Edinburgh and wondering, what’s the best place to drink whisky? We hope to help you with that.


The guys behind it

Storm Farrell, a remote front-end and WordPress Developer who loves travelling to new places to discover new whiskies, currently in Munich, Germany.
Bryan Traylor, a pro-photographer who loves talking and learning about whisky, currently in Cape Town, South Africa.



We are looking for whisky lovers to help us grow our knowledge base of local whisky events and whisky bars in your area.

With your distilled knowledge we can create a single destination for the Whisky World to know what is going on and where to be in every major city on the planet.